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Name: Resul
Datum: 05.03.112 22:56

I like this idea, Bruce. Here are mine: 1. Windmills, by Toad the Wet SprocketThe first line of the song is so wrepoful. It might be one of the most wrepoful opening lines in music next to “I want to run, I want to hide, I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside” from Where the Streets Have No Name. (The perfect side 1, track 1 in music history, by the way) Every time I hear the opening line to Windmills, “I spend too much time, raiding windmills,” it gives me goose bumps. The theme of the song is based loosely on Don Quixote. You know, the one where he went around with a mule, attacking windmills. To me, it’s about spending too much time doing or worrying about something that is out of your control or out of your reach. For quite a while, (mid 20s to early 30s) I felt kind of felt as though I was doing just that, beating myself up for no reason and with nothing to show for it. This song typifies the sort of journey that I went on that I think made me who I am today.2. Into the Mystic, by Van MorrisonThis one has to go on this list because it’s my all-time favorite song. It’s the prefect song. It takes you on a ride and feels like a journey through life. It’s one of those songs that makes me believe that I can do anything. Might be why I like it so much.3. Make Me Smile, by ChicagoNo matter what kind of mood I’m in, this song puts a smile on my face. Many times in life, that is exactly what we need.4. Sky Blue and Black, by Jackson BrowneOne thing that I’m most proud of in my 40 years is the ability to look around me and see a collection of some of the most amazing people. And more than that is the fact that I can call these people my friends. New friends and old friends. This song typifies how I feel about them and hopefully, the way they feel about me. Not matter what, we can count on each other. Corny? Yes. But a sort of song that makes you feel better about life knowing you’re not in it alone. The sappy portion of the album side, I know, but the song is so good and has such a remarkable message.5. Today, by Joshua RadinThis song reminds me of my wife Aisha. I came across this guy about the same time that I met her and this is one of the first songs of his that I heard. It’s the first song he wrote, when he was on a train in France about a beautiful women sitting across from him. It’s just a great song about the beginning of a relationship, kind of says everything I’d like to say to her.6. Why Should I Cry for You, by StingYou’ll have to humor me on this one and hopefully you’ll follow. The Police are probably my favorite band of all-time. Absolutely love them. And despite how many Police fans don’t like Sting as a solo artist, I’m the exact opposite. As much as I like the Police, I may like Sting more. And this is my favorite Sting song. But there’s more to it. Sting was a bit crazier, a little harder as a young man. I think his music showcases his growth as a man. I think I have similarly grown. I’m no longer in the “So Lonely” or “Can’t Stand Losing You” stage of my life. No longer is my life ruled by the clean, twangy sound of the Fender Stratocaster or those high-pitched cracks of the snare and hi-hat. I’ve settled into the acoustic guitar, sweeping strings and jazz influenced solo stuff portion of my life.

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