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How to get 5% Off on anything from Amazon

Name: enfornTox
Datum: 28.01.109 01:17

Hello All,
Thought i should post this as this might help someone trying to get some percent off on their purchase. I am not the inventor of this method. I saw this on one forums sticky and was very popular just see if it works out for you.
Here it is i am pasting the method below

Since several have asked me how I get my Amazon gold box quick picks to look like the image I attached I decided to post the write up that I read which shows how to manipulate whats picked for your quick picks. So here we go:

Basically your Quick Picks are your personal Amazon Deals of the Day (DotD) that have been catered to your past purchase history.

This takes a day+ to work and is definitely hit or miss on what is offered.

To see your current "Quick Picks"

* Go to hxxp:// (make sure you are signed in)
* Click on "Today's Deals" next to the gold box at the top
* Scroll down to see Your Name's Quick Picks

Now onto the 'manipulation'

Step 1:
Let's say you want an Xbox 360, what you need to do is 'fake' Amazon into thinking you own something related to it, say an Xbox 360 Controller. So search for a Controller, and then at the details page do a search for "Rate this item to improve your recommendations" and next to Rate this item click on "I own it". What this does is link it to your recommendations

Step 2:

* At the top of Amazon's page, click on "Recommendations"
* This will list everything that is recommend broken down by category.
* Remove everything not related to Xbox by clicking "Not interested" this may take quite a bit of time if you've purchased a few items from Amazon. Another quick way to remove unwanted items is to click on "Fix This" on an item and then click on "Don't use for recommendations"

Step 3: Come back the next day and see what Amazon has put in your "Quick Picks"

Yesterday I did just this, I added that I owned an Xbox 360 Controller, cleaned up my non-related recommendations and then today I was offered a Quick Pick of 5% off the Xbox 360 Arcade bundle: $265.99 vs $279.99, a savings of $14

This should work for practically anything, be it a CD, a book, or whatever, just add something that is somewhat related to what you want and chances are it might show up the next day.

Resetting Your Gold Box Quick Picks (Thanks to baboymo)

for those getting random crap in their Gold Box deals, here's a trick that will reset your picks to what you want.

1. Go to recommendations
2. Click link that says "These recommendations are based on items you own and more."
3. Click each product that you used to get items in your Gold Box.
4. Scroll down to "rate this item to improve your recommendations" and de-rate and de-own it (it will save automatically).
5. Search for a similar product and rate and own it.
6. Next day your Gold Box should be filled with what you want.

Note: It appears if you don't take advantage of the Gold Box deals, that's when you'll start to see random crap after several days. Just reset it and voila!


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