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Name: Shella
Datum: 29.07.112 10:03

This is fabulous! I too have left my heart in Malawi. I have had the otiurponpty to travel there 3 times in 2005-06 and I am returning in Oct of 07. We work with and incredible women. Her name is Theresa Malila and she is a tribal chief with a heart for her people. But first and foremost she is a mother who cannot stand to see the injustice that women and children face. She has home based care and feeding programs that are responsible for feeding over 1000 children on a daily basis. This is the power of one woman with passion making a monumental difference.This experience has so changed my life that upon returning home I quit my job so I could concentrate on helping get the word out about the plight of Africa. I have also started a small internet based business where proceeds go directly to humanitarian aid in Africa.Thanks for your commitment I love your sightRuth Mitchell

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