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Name: Yoshihiro
Datum: 15.09.112 14:21

This has been happening with my dageuthr too, and it absolutely breaks my heart. I watch her go up and be friendly to another kid, and the kid literally stares at her like she's sprouted another head and doesn't say a word back. I used to be able to convince her the kid was just shy or something, but it happens *every single time* so it's not working anymore. She's short and has a limp, is it THAT difficult to say hello, my name is to her? This is harder than anything I've had to deal with that is related to her physical disabilities I can't fix those either but I can help make her life easier, advocate for her with the doctors, make sure she does her therapy. There is nothing I can do about this except watch her heart break, mine along with it.I feel like we need some kind of for our kids: Hello, I'm Catie, I'm seven and three-quarters years old, I like stories about superheros and medieval princesses, ballgown fashion design, dancing, and Nutella. My turnoffs include loud noises, running on uneven surfaces, and scary movies. Looking for someone who'll let me be the princess more often than my little sister does and doesn't think comics are just for boys. Must tolerate the occasional bathroom accident. No mean kids.

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