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Name: Hatanaka
Datum: 10.04.112 01:59

I sell wood siding in North Carolina. I have sold Western Red Cedar, Inland Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Cypress, Atlantic White Cedar, White Pine, and Southern Yellow Pine. I ALWAYS monermecd prefinishing the siding and the finish applied will, of course, determine the finished look and the longevity of the protection. Clear finishes without UV inhibitors will require power washing or cleaning and reapplication almost yearly to maintain the original wood color. While I am not a wood specialist I can see that the burning process significantly changes the outer layer of cells and probably renders them more resistant to insect damage. I do know that the oils in cedars and cypresses help resist insect damage and prolong the life of the board or beam. Finally, paints or stains are for protection first and beautification second. Take your time, do your homework, explore all options, and remember that there is no substitute for quality.

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