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Name: Waldi
Datum: 21.05.112 21:45

I think it would be difficult to grow seiitakhs on logs or stumps with the cold winters we have. Mushroom kits however would be a good way to go. Shiitakes growing on sawdust grow much faster. Kits at Garden City Fungi and fungi perfecti (links on home page)start flushing in 2 to 4 weeks and flush for months. A person could then experiment with the spent kit on stumps or logs. Once you got the hang of growing them you could buy spawn and inoculate a bunch of your own kits and flush them out before winter. Grow oysters too, they have good medicinal values and are aggressive and easy to grow on logs and stumps.A variety of mushrooms insures you get all of the food value you need and helps in case of crop failure. I am going to try some kits this year and will report on them.

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