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Antwort leider nur in englisch möglich!

Name: Mick
Datum: 12.03.101 21:29


As I understand it from the preceeding posts, these products are variations on the concept of scan converters.
This would not have any effect on the rolling bar when shooting a computer screen live.

I recently did a TV commercial wherein I needed to do exactly what you describe - over the shoulder to a
computer screen. Professional cameras have an adjustment built-in that allows you to tweak the camera's scanning
rate to match that of the monitor. If you're shooting with prosumer equipment, though, I found two ways to deal
with the problem:

The first, best way is dependent on your having access to a lot of computers. I was shooting in a roomful of
computer screens, so I zoomed out wide to take them all in. On my monitor, I could see there was one among them
that was not rolling so, by sheer chance, it was in sync with my camera's scanning rate.

If you don't have this luxury, then use the variable shutter speed on your camera (if you have one) to slow down
the shutter until you see the bar disappear. The trade-off here is any movement onscreen will become jerky as the
field rate is lowered. If you don't show your subject's hands on the keyboard or other such movements, it should
work well.

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