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ScreenPlay Cuts Production Time in Half

Name: Magical Moments Studio3
Datum: 12.03.101 20:49

ScreenPlay Cuts Production Time in Half

I have but one question, Who do I contact to
purchase stock in Applied Magic?

Joey G. / Executive Producer
Magical Moments Studio 3, East Coast Productions, Richmond Hill, NY

October 11, 1999

Dear Applied Magic,

Let me take this opportunity and congratulate Applied Magic for a job well done. The
standalone ScreenPlay editor is the best (editor) on the market that I have seen or used.
Although I am from the old school of editing (or was from) for the past 25 years, I have
learned that quality is more important than special effects. Your editor has this ability which
made our dream come true at Magical Moments Studio 3.

I can't begin to tell you what I have been doing already with this time constraint eliminator.
Let me explain. ScreenPlay has cut my editing time by more than half. A music video demo
made up of approximately seven artists and running at 20 minutes would normally take five
to six days with special effects, etc. By using the ScreenPlay editor married with my Toaster
4000 editor I successfully achieved a "blow me out the door" demo video in less than two

When I first got the editor I thought it would take me weeks to learn. However, it took me
less than 30 minutes to semi master. I know that by next year, and or sooner, the
ScreenPlay editor will no longer need the help of other editing equipment at STUDIO 3.

I have already begun to show off the professional broadcast quality that ScreenPlay
produces with excellent color correction.

In closing, I have but one question, WHO DO I CONTACT TO PURCHASE SHARES STOCK?


Joey G. / Executive Producer
Magical Moments Studio3
East Coast Productions
Richmond Hill, NY

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