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Name: Regina
Datum: 28.07.112 22:33

I like Chad, and I don't jump on him like some fans do. He's a hard worker and he'll come in ready to play, but I am very cncneroed. The Dancing show was okay, it was a form of conditioning, and it ended early enough. I am not okay with the dating show. I think it's a distraction, and it's too close to training camp. While it too may be a form of conditioning, I don't think that's the kind of workout Chad needs. Chad needs to be working with Carson now, Chad needs to learn the plays and adjustments that he is going to be expected to make. Chad and Carson were not on the same page last year and I think more time together is needed, not less. They may need to dumb it down a little for Chad because it's not been working, and there's no reason to expect they'll have better chemistry this season.

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