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new jordan shoes 2012

Name: Itatetomybype
Datum: 03.04.112 05:13

Recall with Nike signing inside, she said: "had I never want to sign with Nike, because ever since I was in high school to have good, in fact, adidas, Nike face I don't want to go to see." In the

summer of 1984, in order to the bulls, also in order to the Olympics, I fly around all over the country, so tired. Nike intends to work with me, I said I don't want to everyone to see Nike, more

don't want to fly to Portland, Oregon and Nike contract. Parents finally advised me: "children, it's important that you should listen to everyone's advice." So I leng dragged into the Oregon. That

day I went into the conference room, Nike's leaders are present. They are discussing in my body to the whole sports shoes industry to define, but my heart is still suspicious. They put forward

the terms of the contract for: each year to provide me $250000, used for bonuses, pension and patent fees, the contract is for five years, and it is a great one list, but full of risk, because no

one in the cheap jordan 23 have any experience. President SiTeLaSai finally urged, "for a little

time, and then put the idea to us. 'I thought, well, consider that will ultimately signed and adidas. I produce a kind of the loss of our boss and Nike several times after talking, I felt extremely

uncomfortable, I know this is not a very good beginning. Although my heart still missing a adidas, but the problem is they always did not put forward specific note. It seems they don't want to

take a chance on the USA basketball market, because they do not want to bear risks. But the decision to Nike as much more easily. Had Nike, in the stock market has fallen to only half the

temple fair? D?D1984 years the share prices of six dollars. SiTeLaSai only bet against the, he has had no choice but he want to will change the shoes market of all bets in one person


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