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$200 Million Eh

Name: axioneern
Datum: 22.07.112 10:12

If a man's best friend is his dog, so the women have the same love dandle probably is the handbag right, although Celine designer Phoebe Philo earlier declared: "It Bag already dead, It Shoes popular", but the women's desire to for vanity to have never been reduced,Hermes Birkin Handbag the consumption trend completely without any sign of easing, even, handbag control will only more and more, and handbag in modern contemporary female heart is still not replace the beliefs and the totem worship.

In these crazy love bag of woman's eyes, bag is the extension of inside, expressed the users of the personality, is the ultimate objects to self style, and because often put my purse, mobile phone, agenda book, cosmetics, friends and family photos,Hermes Bags and other important things in them, so, in the women's heart, bag as the home of.

A bag and packed with a People's Daily life, like bag will long to use, the classical packet may become ChuanGu thing, its importance than the general clothing and accessories.

Because the handbag is fashion more practical, value, the function of the classic, fashion and often education and media encouraged consumers to: can buy cheap knockoffs fashion, but you have to buy a real It Bag, It has let you suddenly the butterfly??s effect. Sounds,Hermes Birkin 35 a suitable It Bag as a kind of fashion aphrodisiac general effect strong, immediate, enough to make many women easily addicted.

The LA Times magazine shortly before was using illustration launched "the most iconic of the 50 bags" project, by illustrator Jameson Simpson vivid brushwork, draw the outline of the various forms of fashion bag bag, are among the Hermes Kelly bag of classic, Louis Vuitton, Gucci 2.55 classical money bucket bag, LV Monogram Speedy; Also have the big boom in recent years the Bag Bag Balenciaga locomotive, Alexander Wang's Coco Duffle Bag,Hermes Evelyne Chloe Paraty of rivets and Proenza Schouler's PS1 Bag ect restoring ancient ways, just like a picture It Bag, the history of telling a Bag on the magical glamour, almost every style of all let women tor chocolate-making.

And one of the most classic old It Bag representatives, Hermes Kelly of the natural home and Birkin Bag Bag belong to. The former is especially for Morocco princess grace kelly design, though when the original intention of but is to let the princess in pregnancy can use this type of alligator handbags to cover up the Hermes due to her pregnancy and uplift the belly, but now kelly packages have peremptory became the treasure of Hermes town shop, Hermes Constance sweet the street of a famous Paris of the auction house also designed to collect the generation of kelly bag up to a small display. The latter because 1974 Hermes brand President Jean Louis Dumas met on the plane the famous British singer Jane Birkin, was just the mother Birkin complain that it's not so easy to carry Kelly Bag baby products, so Dumas Kelly Bag in the basis of the Birkin Bag out reform.

Although the old Birkin said in a interview, Birkin in her, but IT is to carry to buy food with the BAG, but the female star and global beauties are all still has a Kelly BAG or Birkin BAG be proud of, even if the two paragraphs of Hermes IT BAG price is not generally expensive, queuing time also is not a long, but IT is also in the IT BAG industry status are one of the reasons the reigns, love packets into delusion, tough as the sister-in-law Victoria such big,Hermes Belt in different occasions, and too much more than ten style of back of the Kelly BAG and Birkin BAG. Domestic star like faye wong, lau, zhao wei, big S etc female star, nature is proud of in succession, the story of more gossip points such as ever and LiJiaXin, GuanZhiLin CaiShaoFen, such as the richest Hong Kong actress used Joseph lau, is favourite to send home It Bag Hermes to a beloved woman, the community is conformity female Hermes number in measure the degree of pets.

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