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Name: Graciela
Datum: 29.07.112 12:50

Um, Aulelia, I hate to say this, but the selling point that you are ppnorsiog is the same one any ad or PR agency would propose. I think your biggest selling point is that you're a woman. Not only that, you're a woman of the world. You've lived all over Europe (maybe Asia too?) and, therefore, know how to deal with businesses in those markets. How many other marketing firms can say that? Also, you should narrow your focus. Marketing takes in a lot of sub-categories, including advertising, as I've mentioned above. Or, are you interested in logistics, which also falls under the marketing umbrella? You'd better know how to leverage social media for your clients these days as well. Personally, I'm playing catch-up on my real passion and skill, political analysis, because I'm so busy either writing or finding people to read my blog. Speaking of which, it's time for me to make yet another tweet about the new post. You see, this really is a 10-hr/day job if you want to do it right. I really want you to succeed. I'm just not quite sure that I know what you're going to succeed in doing. And if I'm confused, it's safe to say that others are as well. Work it, girl! I believe in you!

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