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group Mi Fang Wei Committee at all levels of composition, have to be approved at the identical level of party members would Huo Wei larger group of Wei Committee approved. Write-up 23 People's Liberation Army Huo Chinese People's Armed Police Bu group group perform is the Ugg Sales Broome Low-cost armed forces Huo Bu political work group composed of a heavy Jiao Bu points. armed forces Huo Bu Group in the group of organizations in the party's members would Huo Wei Ling under the leadership of political institutions, according to group member will Huo Yang Wei in the People's Liberation Army General Political Buge Chinese People's Armed Police Force Sale Ugg Broome boots political Bu Bu provisions of Huo Zhi into the perform directions Chapter group of grassroots organizations in rural regions Article 24 Dian Dian Dian schools, study institutes, institutions Dian Dian Dian Street Neighborhood intermediary organizations, neighborhood groups Dian Dian Dian business People's Liberation Army People's Armed Police
Force squadron Huo Bu other basic units, where there are 3 or far more members, the group must be set up grass-roots organizations
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