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I have the album & it suxx :)

Name: Lie
Datum: 16.03.107 01:02

well now i have listen to the whole album and i´m dissapointed as hell . my track light up my life it´s kind of cool but nothing special no nice strings or blip blip sound :( . the 2 abinent traxx most of the time & electroland is allright but really not my kind of music. the other pop traxx are what they are not really hot. and then we got the traxx we all know ... well here is my ranking of the songs of this album:

1. Das Boot 2001
2. light up my life - got nice speed great vocals and @ some points great mixed.
3. fallow the sun - mix between singel and myspace
4. underwater - same as myspace nice vocal
5. explain the universe - i like this soft house sound.
6. most of the time - nice ambinent but a little borning after a wile
7. electroland is here - nice ambinent the same as the previous
8. redlight - chould be done so mutch better.
9. vorbie - cut the vocals and this is a nice ambinent track
10.god time bad time - power pop .. some parts in the track are ok
11. fall into all - take away the stupied vocals ad this track reminds of a early song from 92 .
12. is das mein leben - some beats and a german dud gives me nothing.

well this album i chould of lived whitout. in some traxx there is potensiall but it all goes away bechaus of the pop influenses. light up my life whould be a great singel if he adds aome cool electrick sound fore the chours some strings and blip blip whould not be so stupied it´s the only track who goes into my SE walkman mobile.

well now i have to whait atleast 11 more years 4 a new album ^^ ihope falls inlove whit eurotechno/trance again starts to work whit matiz.

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 I have too von Dance Prophet - 03:34 am 20.03.107 (814x)

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