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Not so bad

Name: Lie
Datum: 15.03.107 00:07

after hearing the longer sampels this album does not sound so bad after all. but i still dont get fall in to all ^^ iŽll bye this album. damn i dident send moneu to manu before now i have to what 4 ages to get the album. and i moste give some more love 2 light up my life, i hope this wil be the next singel. it sounds like a swedish eurovision contest song but white more energy ^^ .

every track is elektric but in a pop case, iŽll give my final reviwe of the album when i got it. but iŽm optimistic about this, even thouge i rhater have a full blooded trance album. after 11 years this is a step in the right direction.

go one level up.

 schrecklich! von wadim - 18:28 am 15.03.107 (863x)
 50% recycled + 30% commercial dance + 20% good trx von DiGGeR2 - 20:07 am 15.03.107 (762x)
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