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SoundSampels Out Of Wilhelmsburg :((

Name: Lie
Datum: 05.03.107 12:00

the sampels are very short but one can tell the a little bit how the songs will sound.

[1] Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light - we all know this one .. it suxxx
[2] Underwater - i like this one
[3] Ist das mein Leben - some strange german disco pop track
[4] Light Up My Life - this track has potansial (spelling?) fast track
[5] Most Of The Time - sounds like somithing potemkin whould do but more comercial sound
[6] Good Love Bad Love - POP
[7] Follow The Sun - sounds more electro than the one on my space and a bit slower. maby a cross over from the singel version & my space version.
[8] Elektroland Is Here - cant tell so mutch than i will be slow.
[9] Fall Into All - pop elctro rock track sounds really shit ^^
[10] Vorbei (Single Edit) - i love it really original and breaking new marks or NOT
[11] Explain The Universe - wow more pop
[12] Das Boot 2001 (Radio Edit)- OMG The best track on the whole album this one is so cooooool and only 7 years old
[13] Vorbei (Dance Mix) - i´ll go take a shit now
[14] Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light (Reiss die Bude ab - Remix) - ok track to bad alex dident thin of this 4 the singel edit.

this is a shit album that i will not buy but i will defently download it illigal because i whont spend 16 + post pay for to or theree ok songs .

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