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Name: Alex Storm
Datum: 06.03.107 12:20

I really appreciate your suggestion but I am still a U96 fan. I am still a Matiz fan, too. I love music and I like the new stuff from U96, even if its not that what we all expected. But life is like that. I don't know what Alex was thinking about while producing the album. I really don't think he wanted to affront somebody with the new style. I don't think its bad and some of the new songs are really great - like "underwater".

Actually I read posts of all of you in this forum for months and I really never had the impression the U96 fan force would react like this on commercial music. The fact is that U96 was always commercial. What do you think why two of the albums and "we call it love" were not released? U96 was commercial from the start as all dance projects are. Some are innovative too and they make great music but in the end they're all commercial and the new album is a consequent continuation of this whole idea.

I just wondered why the most of you react so superficial. What were you waiting for?

Alex never didn't real techno music and I guess he never will start to. U96 were making dance, tance, pop but never techno. Some would call the first album techno but it's not. It's that what people of the 1992 generation wanted to hear - is was new, unheard and the people became curious.

The thing is that Matiz do exactly that what we want to hear because it sounds like a copy from that what we're listening to for years. And Alex is making something new. On the face of it they're both commercial. The only question is: Do I think commercial stuff is bad? Actually I don't think so. There are many great commercial songs. Not all but many.

So please keep cool, keep calm everybody. You never know what future will bring. ;)

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