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bear belly

Name: Lie
Datum: 07.03.107 11:51

Well everybody here has their rights to their own opinion. and this page should still be U96. (Jan needs it to make his U96 collection complete ^Ļ^)

i cant whait to here the full lenght of Light up my life - som nice strings and blip blip sound will make this one great.

Redlight track Reiss die Bude ab mix is better than singel edit itīs more club only he chould have a vocoder or a sound effekt to BOīs voice then it whould be a big radio hit.

Vorbie whit out a voice whould be great i like the grovy sound so take away the vocie and it whoul be a great album track .. itīs not a singel track.

then of what i can tell from the album there will be some of strange traxx like 9 what the hell is that ^^ .

and why is das boot 2001 on the album? i know that the movie has a 25 years celibration or somthing this year but chould he try to do a new verion that is more sutible 4 this album.

then i whould of likt it if Matiz & alex whould of share the name U96 like out cast do. the write and produce 7 traxx each and release it on the same album. i think we all whould be happy then, both new and old fans.

cheers m8īs

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 respect von wadim - 13:08 am 06.03.107 (779x)
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