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U96 (alex) VS. Potemkin

Name: Lie
Datum: 12.01.107 10:59

and the winner is: Mr. DJ put on the red light (Schleck Remix)

i must be sick or something but i like this track more than i like U96 version or the new songs of potemkin :/ .

Alex i killing the legasy of U96 by being ultra commercial and working white baby faces like Ben even then he is not in succses really horrible. & Potemkin is hanging around in mid 90´s whit an sound that was on top of the charts over 12 years ago, Blood of a rose i terrible it´s ok to re use sound but pleas develop it 2 this date!! "it´s all right" has parts that is cool but sometimes it sounds like Pet shop boys IMO. we should all go to germany and kick alex & Potemkin´s asses and make them work together again or force Alex 2 drope the U96 name when he does new releases and potemkin 4 not whant to develope into current age.

It looks like our former team of U96 (U96 1991-2003) not was so talanted as we thougt they where. in 10 years now we have been whating 4 the fallow up 2 Heaven album but instead we got nothing from there lazy assclowns. i was happy when i heard first the superstar track and then we call it love ... but all 4 nothing.

Damn U96 (1991 - 2003) eat my shit 4 the last ten years of whating for some beloved real U96 tracks not these poor cheap crap. i have opend a big can of ass whoping on both Alex & Potemkin fore they are nopt realising that whitout echoter they are nothing.

go one level up.

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