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Name: wadim
Datum: 12.01.107 15:00

well Lie! maybe, u`re right - neither Alex nor Potemkin can`t fulfill our wishes, which we have since 1996. I understand,that Potemkin shows us not much development, but this music is at least dark and hard, while Alex is doing Music a`la boy groups and rap-teams.
I`m was hardcore u96-fan since 1996 till i guess 2002, when i begann to listen to other music styles, like trance, acid & electro industrial, which have nothing in common with u96. So, i think since 2002 when i heard the album of Kai Tracid Trance & Acid, i became Kai Tracid-Fan, and not U96-Fan anymore. But U96 was for me the first electro-band, my electro-roots, so i periodically kept my eye on U96. Der erloeser was a very pleasing track for me, bezause it was really trance, and it could be new u96-style, but... we call it love i liked not so much as erloeser,but it was still our good old u96, despite the fact, that it was rather back to the roots 1993-1994 sound.
and what do we have now-u96-is really bad, potemkin is good , but doesnt bring (at least these 2 traxx) any new sound, what is also very important-self-development is always good (but not in Alex` way, i mean - there should be of course definite limits).
So-that is my small essay,which could be entitled-nothing is eternal! friends, do not be melancholic-there are a lot of really awesome musicians.

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